Blunden Shadbolt - Architect - 1879-1949
L.R.I.B.A., F.F.A.S, M.A.A.
Cross Oaks Lane, Salfords, Surrey

This site in due course will commemorate the work of my grandfather, an Architect who specialised in building olde-worlde houses in the Tudor Revival or Arts and Crafts Movement style.

Blunden Shadbolt's houses were made from re-cycled materials, mainly from old barns and Tudor cottages, although he was never keen to demolish old structures for the sake of it. In this sense he was an intuitive ecologist. If buildings were derelict and beyond saving he considered it to be morally correct to avail himself of these desirable, mellow materials. Shadbolt would have old, lichen-encrusted, mossy tiles carefully packaged so that they would have the appearance of instant antiquity in adorning his new houses, and it was a compliment to have his houses mistaken for an old one.

The house shown above is "Cross Oak" (previously "Orchards"), built by Blunden Shadbolt in 1930 for himself and his wife Joyce (E Woodward Court of Knowle), and where my mother Elizabeth Gainsborough Shadbolt was born on 13th October 1931, and later in a new house "The Granary" built on the same site, her sister Joy was born on 18th June 1933.

L.R.I.B.A. - Licenciate of the Royal Institute of British Architects
F.F.A.S. - Fellow, Faculty of Architects and Surveyors, London
M.A.A. - Master of Arts in Architecture

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